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You are in the right place if you are a HR personnel or a business owner in Malaysia who is looking for a new employee benefits insurance plan to:

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Manage a  price hike  in your employee benefits insurance plan renewal

There has been a jump in the costs of your existing plan after a recent sizable medical claim

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You want to switch to a different empl0yee benefits insurance provider for higher quality, more responsive service

Get an employee benefits insurance for the first time

You are new and you want the best experience straight out of the gate without paying for any costly mistakes

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Financial Advisory Manager

Agnes Tan

Having launched her career right into corporate insurance more than 14 years ago, Agnes is an absolute maven when it comes to business-related insurance solutions and advice (employee benefits insurances are her specialty!). Her superpowers include super quick thinking, super sharp focus and holding high standards for organisation and diligence in handling her every account. Ever so cheerful and generous with her time, Agnes is a clients' favourite for many reasons. The evidence? Her high-piled raving praises, recommendations and referrals from numerous corporate leaders she has worked with.

Senior Financial Consultant

Wei Chong

With more than 10 years of financial service industry experience on him, Wei Chong is passionate about helping his clients optimise their resources on their path of achieving their financial goals. His greatest strength lies in his ability to think beyond his clients' mentioned needs and matching the perfectly balanced solution to a client's problem. On a typical workday you would most likely catch him thoughtfully working towards piecing the final answers together before proposing them in his stylistically simple and easy-to-understand presentations to his clients.

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Insurance agent

Direct to insurer

Highstreet broker

Compare policies from a range of trusted insurers

Warm and swift service from a specialist you know personally

Capacity to provide other valuable corporate solutions

e.g. personal finance education program for employees, business insurance planning, corporate investment instruments, etc

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Insurance agent

Direct to insurer

Highstreet broker

Compare policies from a range of trusted insurers

Warm and swift service from a specialist you know personally

Capacity to provide other highly valuable corporate solutions

e.g. personal finance education program for employees, business insurance planning, corporate investment instruments, etc

"We've been with her for the past 8 years.  Client-oriented and always quick to respond , Agnes is an expert in her field who has gone extra miles to make things happen for us."

Gunavathi Marimuthu

HR Manager, Munchy's

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Your tailored Employee Benefits Insurance can include...

Group Hospitalisation & Surgical

Provide your employees with coverage upon hospitalisation with a high annual limit so that they can focus on recovery without losing sleep over medical costs.

Group Term Life

Help financially support the loved ones of your employees upon an employee's death, disability or terminal illness.

Outpatient General Practitioner Care

Make the lives of your employees easier with a cashless medical card that will give them smooth access to outpatient medical attention at registered panel clinics.

Outpatient Specialist Care

Offer your employees access to top-notch medical specialists without having to worry about the high costs associated with specialist consultations.

Critical Illness Coverage

Provide financial support to your employees and their families in the event of a severe illness, allowing them to focus on the recovery without financial worries.

Personal Accident Coverage

Offer round-the-clock protection to your employees against unforeseen accidents, ensuring that they are financially protected in the event of an injury.

Dental Care & more

Offer a range of dental services to your employees, promoting good dental hygiene and overall health. Other miscellaneous coverages are also available.

Extension to cover one's spouse and/or children

You can extend certain coverages to cover your employees' spouses and/or children, providing comprehensive coverage for their entire family.

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"Agnes has been taking care of our insurance needs since 2013. She has always had our best interests in mind and helped us  save substantially on our insurance premium. "

Daniel Chua // Chief Financial Officer, Kotra Pharma


If you are looking to switch from an existing Employee Benefits Insurance plan...

Why is it important to look at options outside of my current existing plan? How different could the costs or benefits be?

The costs of insurance can fluctuate depending on a variety of factors — the level of risk associated with the employees you want to insure, rising healthcare costs, advancements in medical technology and treatments, changes in our Malaysian laws and regulations, and even changes in management and marketing strategies of insurance companies.

What this all means to you as an employer? The price tag of your employee benefits insurance can change and fluctuate from year to year, and is always different between insurers!

Without regularly checking out what's available and what has changed on the market, you could lose out on monetary savings and/or better benefits that you could be offering to retain quality employees and entice new talents.

If I switch to a different insurance company through you, won't my employees have to go through a waiting period (again!) before their new coverages begin?

A successful switch to a new insurer will honour all your previous benefits and terms and conditions that you had with your previous employee benefits insurer.

And there will not be a waiting period to go through again as your organisation transitions to the new employee benefits insurance plan.

So, don't worry! Your employees will not go a day without protection during the change. Things will continue as is with your new insurer right away.

If this is your first time getting an Employee Benefits Insurance plan...

What is group employee benefits insurance?

An employee benefits insurance is a health insurance plan an employer can provide to an employee to lighten the burden of the employee (or their loved ones) in the event of said employee's health crisis, such as an illness, accident or even death.

It is an essential tool used by many companies in Malaysia to retain employees and attract new talents.

What types of benefits are typically included in an employee benefits insurance plan?

From our experience, most employers in Malaysia look to obtain an employee benefits insurance plan mainly for Group Hospitalisation & Surgical (GHS) coverage.

Other than GHS, outpatient general practitioner care, outpatient specialist care, and life insurance are some of the more popular coverages.

With that said — the matter of fact is — we have observed a variety of focuses among our corporate clients when it comes to coverages they choose to prioritise. It all depends on the actual needs and preferences of your employees, as well as your overall recruitment and employee benefits strategies.

If you think you could use our professional opinion, we'd be happy to discuss your unique needs with you.

How customizable are employee benefits insurances?

Employee benefits insurances are highly customisable. While it's true some insurers offer more customisability than others, over 90% of them offer incredibly flexible options.

As a result, you as an employer have the ultimate flexibility to tailor your insurance offerings to meet the unique needs of your workforce and your budgetary goals.

This means that you can select, include or exclude the types of coverage you want to offer, such as hospitalisation & surgical benefits, life insurance, etc., and choose the level of coverage that best suits your employees (to name a couple examples: the maximum amount they can claim per year for hospitalisation, the sum of cash payout to an employee's family in the event of the employee's demise).

As you increase or decrease the level of each coverage (or even completely forgo certain coverages), the costs will go up or down — which is where we come in to make sure you strike a balance between your budget and the needs and preferences of your employees.

As an employee benefits insurance specialist, we will be able to advise according to your goals and needs as an employer, and negotiate with different insurance companies on your behalf to get you the best offer.

How will my employee benefits insurance plan handle an employee's pre-existing health conditions, and what are the waiting periods or exclusions that will apply to my employees?

A few standard waiting periods will apply, such as:

  • 30 days of waiting period in general
  • 120 days of waiting period for specified illnesses**

Certain insurers may also require a 12-month waiting period for an employee's pre-existing illness.

**Specified illnesses include medical conditions like hypertension, diabetes, heart diseases, tumors, cancers, cysts, stones, ear, nose, throat conditions, female reproductive system diseases, etc.

Would my employees need to declare their existing health issues or have a medical examination conducted in order to qualify for an employee benefits insurance?

If you are insuring 10 or more employees, almost all insurers do not require your employees to go through a personal health declaration, nor a medical examination in order to get protected by an employee benefits insurance — which makes for a quicker process for you and your employees.

Even if you have less headcount to insure (as few as 3 employees), there are still great options available, just not as many.

Whatever your case may be, we can help! Contact us now to discover your best options.

"It's not just for her extensive knowledge of products that we have chosen to keep working with Agnes. We were met with a crisis in 2021 during the country lockdown, and she very  proactively helped us deal with the situation and got our claim approved. "

Dr Mark Lovatt

CEO, Trident Integrity

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