Do You Want To 
Take Charge of 
Your Wealth in 2024?

Do You Want To Take Charge of 
Your Wealth in 2024?

Do You Want To
 Take Charge of 
Your Wealth in 2024?

I help Malaysian couples and professionals like you, in your 20's, 30's and 40's, to achieve financial freedom with a holistic approach to financial planning.

- Wei Chong, CFP CERT TM,
Licensed Financial Planner

Wei Chong, CFP CERT TM
Licensed Financial Planner

Financial planning enables you to live your best life with the money you have, now and in the future

Become Confident about Your Personal Finance

Be in complete control of your cash flow. Gain full confidence to make any money-related decision, be it big or small.

Feel Peace of Mind Being Financially Secured

You naturally become less stressed than your peers when all your goals, future plans and even the contingencies have been planned for. 

Focus Your Time & Energy on What's Important to You

If researching finances isn't a passion of yours like it's mine, you deserve the time to focus on what's truly important to you - like your family or your true passion.

How I Can Help as a Licensed Financial Planner

I practise a holistic approach to plan, manage and grow your personal finance, as a Licensed & CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER®.

A holistic financial planning process with me typically goes like this:


Getting To Know You!


Identify Your Goals 


Evaluate Your Current Finances


Develop Strategies


Implement the Plan


Review Results Regularly

The relationship between your money, needs and wants in your life are never exclusive!

All parts are interconnected. As a result, they often affect each other tremendously when one part is especially weak or strong.

To help with that, taking a holistic approach means getting your finances in shape from all angles. In addition, the process often helps you build a formidable plan against any hits to your finances, such as an unexpected drop in your income, an investment gone bad or even deciding to retire earlier.

My financial planning services consist of these core topics,

Financial Health Check

A custom report of your financial health, with actionable advice from
a licensed CFP CERT TM.

Insurance Planning

Determine your actual needs for different types of insurances. Get advice on what to cut out or take up based on actual needs.

Retirement Planning

They're called the Golden Years for a reason. I help you plan and achieve your desired retirement lifestyle.

Investment Planning

Thousands of different investments are on the market. I help you develop investment strategies suited to your goals and appetite.

Children's Education Planning

Give your pride and joy the best odds to succeed in life. I provide solutions to your children's education funding.

Estate Planning

Ensure your legacy is left behind the way you want. I help you develop a cost-effective and efficient estate plan.

What My Clients Have Said

I now feel more confident and empowered

Before taking up financial planning service, I wasn't sure if I was saving enough for retirement. I also had a lack of clarity on my financial situation. Wei Chong helped me understand how to achieve each of my financial goals. He explained everything in a very detailed and systematic manner, and always followed up on pending actions. I now feel more confident and empowered with the new knowledge I have.

Debbie Mun

Regulatory Affairs Manager, 34

Definitely helped my family out big time

Over the past year my husband got increasingly busy with his work, so I took over the task of reviewing insurances for the entire family. I engaged Wei Chong to evaluate all existing policies we had at the time. We found so many ways to improve things. Most interestingly, we increased one life coverage from RM70,000 to RM500,000, by paying RM240 less per year! I'd never understand how that could be possible. I strongly recommend getting a CFP's help to find out your insurance needs, it definitely helped my family out big time.

Yukeeny So

Serial Entrepreneur, 35

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